Episode 0 - An Introduction to Transhumanism
The first episode from our proposed video series on transhumanism, PostHuman

The first video by the British Institute of Posthuman Studies, entitled "PostHuman: An Introduction To Transhumanism", investigates three dominant areas of transhumanist thought: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing. It covers the ideas of Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce.

About Us
What is the British Institute of Posthuman Studies?

"Humanity is in an increasingly symbiotic relationship with technology. As it becomes more central to our daily lives, technology is having an ever-greater effect on the human condition, and this trend seems set to continue. Careful consideration and informed debate on a societal scale is essential, as the risks may well outweigh the rewards. We exist to bring that conversation about sooner, rather than too late."

BIOPS is a team of dedicated people who have come together to found the first think-tank in the UK that aims to popularise transhumanism, a thought movement where the most innovative, cutting edge technologies meet moral and philosophical concerns. It is spearheaded by writers Marco Vega and Peter Brietbart, and creatively led by multimedia artist Mihai Badic (aka Many Artists Who Do One Thing).

We aim to:

  • Highlight ethical and philosophical consequences of implementing transhumanist ideas
  • Raise public awareness of the technological and intellectual trends within transhumanism
  • Produce informative and educational videos that investigate transhumanist topics
  • Create a platform for discourse, new ideas and constructive disagreement
  • Organise events to bring speakers and thinkers together

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